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Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort Mt. Shasta

Leaving Alumafandango I didnt want to retrace my steps so I took a chance and decided to book a nite at Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort & RV Park. Vicky at the check-in office was expecting me and reserved #249 a full hookup site for me. Although the campground itself has an awkward layout, the site was very nice and spacious with a firepit and open views of walking trails and trees. The campground was desolate. I bought a bottle of champagne at the camp store (hey dont judge I was desperate) and was told that I just missed the holiday madness. As I walked back to my trailer I remembered all of those Halloween horror movies where the group gets killed in a much imagination. I kept the pepperspray close just in case.

20140908_185906.jpg 2014-9-24-13:23:24

I popped open the bottle of Champagne, made dinner and enjoyed the campfire.


Before dark I quickly doused my fire, ran into the trailer and bolted the door, occasionally peering out the window..damn horror movies. In the morning I decided to head to the lake and see what I could catch. The walking paths to the lake were beautiful. Three deer glanced at me uninterested as they continued their grazing. The lake is extremely low and the fishing bad. At least there are fish in the lake as I continued to watch them swim past my bait..ooh well.


Disappointed in the fishing, I decided to get comfortable, stay another night and try again in the morning.


NOTHIN'!..Ooh well will have to come back and try again. Next time I'll stay longer.

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