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Hi, Welcome to my blog! I’m Sasha, also known by close friends as “Boo-Boo Licious” and “Diva”.  I know what you want to know…I’m a American Bulldog, Boxer Mix and yes single.  My hobbies are like long walks, Forensic Sniff Tests, Endurance Power Napping.  Don’t try to challenge me on the napping because I can assure you..You Will Lose!  Being a Canine Foodie, I pride myself on having a delicate palate and prefer to dine on Chicken and Brown Rice, BBQ, Pizza (only occasionally cuz it gives me gas) Fish and Shrimp.  I can recognize a Ruth Chris Bag a mile away. Join me as I “Road Trip & Dine” my way around the US.  Since my passport was revoked..due to a lil canine misunderstanding with Animal Control in Mexico, my posts will focus on local travels only.




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