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The Big Shiny Dog House

The dust cleared and there it was, the biggest dog house I had ever seen and shiny too. Everyone seemed excited. Not me. I was confused! I like my Igloo dog house. They told me it wasnt a doghouse at all, but a 1975 Airstream Tradewind named "Ivan". Guess I'm supposed to be impressed. Smells like mothballs to me. Next thing I know its 4am and im being awakened from a deep slumber and lifted into the back of our SUV by Tim. I like Tim. He's so nice. When I looked out the window theres that "Ivan" thing and its comming with us! Well no one told me about this excursion and from the confused and tramautized look on Tims face no one told him either. As we get on the freeway he frantically reads directions, analyzes maps, scans the road ahead all the while maintaining a vice grip on the passenger door strap. We slowly follow the 2 lane road as it curves uphill, round and around the mountain. I feel sick. Sometimes we'd pull over. Lots of cars would fly by us pointing, smiling and giving a thumbs up, while others would pass slowly, glare, honk and wave with one finger...interesting..never saw that before. Finally we arrived at our destination high in the mountains. There were lots of other dogs there and they had shiny houses too! This was my first Airstream trip. We went on a few more before "Ivan" was sold and replaced by "Big Ang". Between you and me I prefer being at home sleeping in my own bed. Thats probably why I look so miserable in these pictures. Its my silent protest!


ummm it is 4 am!

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