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Meet Tucker & Lucy

This weekend at Kern River I had my first interviewing gig. Meet Tucker & Lucy.


Tucker Lucy

Sasha: So thanks for chatting with me today. How do you know each other?

Tucker: We are siblings. Lucy is my sister but shes older and acts like my grandma!

Lucy: Shut up Tucker! you never tell a womans age!

Tucker: Sigh (eye roll)

Sasha: umm ok then..Well this being your first camping trip what would you say has been the best and worst part of the experience?

Tucker: The worst for me is this dry mountain air and burs wreak havoc on my new hairdo.

Lucy: Meeting that upppity Weimaraner in the Vintage Airstream.

Sasha: And the best?

Lucy: Eating the fish that Eddie caught.

Tucker: Swimming in the river.

Sasha: So Lucy, your a Sushi Lover?

Lucy: Whats Sushi?

Sasha: Did you see any new wildlife?

Tucker: Crows, Fish and Sasquatch.

Lucy: I only heard bushes rustling but word on our row was that it was a Chupacabra. They have rabies ya know! and im positive thats what stole our Firewood and Marshmallow roaster!

Sasha: What advice do you have for other camping canines and their owners?

Lucy: Lots of treats for us and Wine for humans.

Tucker: Naps whenever possible, theres lots of territory marking to be done

Lucy: Tucker your so tacky!

Tucker: What??

Sasha: well thank you for taking the time to chat with me today.

Tucker: Peace in spot #456 if ya wanna swing by later on...

Lucy: Tucker havent you've embarassed yourself enough! Sorry Sasha he ate some wild berries this morning.

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