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The Slabs

The Slabs or Slab City..not quite sure what to say...a homeless camp, squatters haven, boondockers paradise? Located in the desert town of Niland, Slab City was formerly a military training base. The military left, removing all the buildings leaving only concrete slabs. Welcome to Slab City.


Upon entering I asked the first person I saw, a toothless man where to park.**Note do not attempt conversation with toothless man! After his attempts at sarcastic humor I was instructed to "pull up a piece of dirt"...and so I did, far far away from him. Damn maybe I should have made a RSVP or staked a claim like these folks.


Theres no amenities here in the middle of the desert. No water, trash, electricity, I dont even think I was able to get cell service. You must be totally self contained and self sufficient.I saw a variety of RV'Cars, Buses, Shantys etc. Many looked as if they barely made it then broke down and decided to stay.


Overall I had mixed feelings about Slab City, Some of it was depressing and other parts quite interesting. I do appreciate the fact that folks can live how they want without being bothered. There also is a certain responsibility to being self sufficient. The best part for me was finally meeting ARTSTREAM from Airforums. If your ever in Slab City look him up and buy a TShirt or Sticker. Hes in the Airstream of course with the Tiki Bar Yard. Would I go back, YES.

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