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"Peeping Tom"

I see you, I SEE YOU!! slowly walkn by sideways glancing,

whispering, gossiping bout my 2 doors, trying to catch a glimpse inside, hoping for an invite. And then trying to be sly you turn and walk in the other direction, passing me again under the guises of "walkin your dog". We've even spotted you from a distance standing on my step your forehead pressed up against the frosted glass trying to catch a peek! Gettin up on your tippy toes to look into my Panoramic Window. You ought to be ashamed!! Your sooo obvious! You dont fool anyone my friend. I know what you want, we both know what you want! You want to see my interior! Just admit it. So here! A mini view. Now next time just man up, come and say "hi" and ask for a tour, then go away. Your lucky I dont have you arrested! Geez. So without further ado...

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