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San Simeon State Park

What Luck! I wasnt planning on attending but as fate would have it, I was gifted a free reservation for the Airstream Rally at San Simeon State Park in the Washburn (dry camp) area. The drive up the 101 was beautiful and easy. I was a little aprehensive since the last leg of the journey would require taking Highway 1, but my exit was before the road gets "challenging" especially with a trailer in tow. The Washburn area of the campground does not have any hookups, so come with full tanks, access water at the entrance to the campground, or stay in the full hookup section on the lower level. Wild turkey, quail, and an interesting array of wildlife wandered through my campsite. This campground offers great hiking trails throughout the mountains and meadows and down to the beach. In addition to the fresh air, the dogs also picked up ticks during their walks.

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