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What The &*%# is that Smell?

Hi..Sasha here...I have a new friend, his name is Pepe. Sometimes he comes to visit late at night, or early in the morning..well he really comes and walks around looking for leftover scraps I guess. I think he must be foreign cuz he doesnt talk much and his mannerisms are different. He also looks different, smells different and has some sort of retro punk hairstyle. When I tried to talk to him he turned around and umm..well shows his "ASSETS". RUDE!! Not at all like how my friends at the dog park make introductions. Anway after he did this the last time I found myself in Petco gettin da scrubdown and a stern talkn to "The Skunk is Not Your Friend"...whatever that means..Im totally confused but I think Pepe is bad news..from the other side of the tracks as they say.


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